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His resoundingly God-centered and refreshingly biblical insights will shepherd and shape Christians to better balance the profoundly personal experience of worship with God's intentions for the church as a worshiping people. This book is a stimulating introduction to the topic of true worship, and every Christian will benefit from wrestling with these ideas.

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How True Worship Shapes Us Into the People We Were Made to Be

This book was written out of an overflow of Jon's personal time in the Word. Over the course of about three years, Jon felt that God was revealing an emphasis in the Scriptures that was not being emphasized in Christianity as we know it. He tried repeatedly to put this message into a song but felt overwhelmed with passion and desire to bring this message to light for many in a more robust way.

Worship as we know it has been reduced to an hour on Sunday morning where we sing songs and listen to a sermon. But worship is so much more than a song. It is about a life that sings the glory of God with all of our heart, soul, and strength. It's not just a Sunday thing. It's an everyday thing. God designed us for a purpose, and that purpose is to reflect His image by embodying his relational qualities. To love as he loved. The way by which we fulfill our purpose is through worship. It is the object of our worship that determines who we will become.

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Whether you are reading this book by yourself or with a group, this discussion and study guide will help you to process and reflect on the truths found in this book.

This study is broken into ten sessions (one chapter per session) with a list of questions and prompts to promote growth on your spiritual journey. 

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