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The Greatest Worship Leader (Paperback)

The Greatest Worship Leader (Paperback)

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"I wish every worship leader would read this book. Jonathan brilliantly reveals the upside-down ways of Jesus’ kingdom, inviting his readers to rethink true greatness and to live a more Jesus-centered life. Anyone who reads this book and applies it to their life is sure to transform the way in which they lead." —Aaron Williams, The Worship Initiative / Dwell Ministries

"Jon Azzarello is a captivating storyteller. Weaving together numerous personal stories from the front lines of worship ministry with an abundance of Scripture verses, Jon presents a wealth of wisdom and practical advice for worship leaders and their teams. I wholeheartedly recommend this book. It’ll definitely help you fulfill your calling as a worship leader." —Rory Noland, Heart of the Artist Ministries

How is greatness defined as a worship leader? Is it the one with the best voice or the biggest stage, the one with the most followers or songs on the charts? The Christian music industry has set the standard for the way many of us define greatness in worship ministry. We take cues from the leaders with the most followers. We sing their songs and aspire to be like them. But there is a greatness that is more important than celebrity status or musical competency. Jesus said the greatest in his kingdom is the one who is lowly like a child. It’s not the one who chases the spotlight, but the one who chases after those who’ve been forgotten. We were made for greatness—true greatness—the kind that outlasts the spotlight. This book is for the worship leader or ministry worker who aspires to greatness the way Jesus defined it.

This book contains a discussion section at the end of