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Jonathan was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. He met his wife Rachel at a Bible college in the Silicon Valley where they both studied music. In 2011, they moved to Winston-Salem, North Carolina, where they now call home as they raise their six beautiful children. Jonathan is the Worship Pastor at a multisite church in Greensboro called Mercy Hill Church which was planted out of the Summit Network in 2012.

He is an avid songwriter and has written many songs including "Good Shepherd," "Out of the Ruins," "I Surrender (Holy Spirit)," "Celebration Awaits," and "Your Glory."

Jonathan's deepest passion and the heart of his ministry is to help people build their lives on the foundation of God's love. His desire is to help people see that God's greatest calling for each person (and ultimately the purpose for all humanity) is to wholeheartedly love God and love others. There are a thousand things we can do in the name of faith, but if we have faith and do not have love we gain nothing (1 Corinthians 13). God's love is not just the motivation for how we live; it's the application and destination as well. 

The greatest kingdom impact that Christians can make in this world is to love their neighbor with the same love that sent Jesus to the cross. This kind of love will change lives as nothing else can. God's love that sent Jesus to die on a cross for his enemies was the most impactful moment in human history, and the most impactful thing we can do in response (aka worship) is to follow Jesus' steps of laying down our lives for others, even for those who are undeserving.

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