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Jonathan Azzarello is a worship pastor and songwriter. He is the author of "You Are What You Worship" and "The Greatest Worship Leader." His passion is to help people walk in their design to love God and love people—this is the heart of true worship.

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March 31, 2023

Jon's debut EP "I Lack Nothing" is inspired by Psalm 23 and written to help shepherd people through some of the most challenging terrains in life; whether that's emotional distress or facing struggles with sin and brokenness. What's unique about this project is that it's not just a collection of songs; it's a listening experience that guides the listener through personal struggles, offering messages of joy and contentment even under challenging situations. This project is driven by strong vocals and acoustic instruments with ambient strings and pads.
This project is available on all streaming platforms.

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Whether you are reading this book on your own or with a group, this discussion and study guide will help you to process and reflect on the truths found in this book.

This study is broken into ten sessions (one chapter per session) with a list of questions and prompts to promote growth on your spiritual journey. 

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"The Greatest Worship Leader" is a book written specifically for worship leaders and worship teams. It will challenge your definition of greatness and how you measure success in worship ministry. 

More about the book:

The Christian music industry has set the standard for the way we define greatness in worship ministry. We take cues from the leaders with the most followers. We sing the songs that climb highest on the charts. We aspire to be great like the celebrity influencers we learn from. But there is a greatness that is more important than celebrity status. Jesus said the greatest in his kingdom would be a servant. He said that the greatest is lowly like a child. It’s not the one who runs to the spotlight, but the one who chases after those who’ve been forgotten. A worship leader is more than a front man for a band. A worship leader is a shepherd of people who guides hearts to follow Jesus. You were made for greatness—true greatness—the kind that outlasts the spotlight. 

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Something is missing from our worship today. We are a people with faith but without fruit. We worship with our minds but not with our lives. We sing with our lips but not with our hearts. We’ve traded knowing God for inconsequently knowing about God. You Are What You Worship is not a book about singing or church liturgy; it’s about beholding the Creator and becoming the creature you were made to be. This is a call for all who wish to follow Jesus and live out their true purpose. It’s a call to worship both in spirit and in truth, to value what God values, and to worship as God desires to be worshiped.

LATESTGREATEST you are what you worship
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